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Making things happen

With the wide span of skill sets and specialties by our operatives- there is very little we don't do IN HOUSE at MM+CO. Below are a few key categories. When we add the power of the MM+COllective anything is possible. To learn more about our unique partner model please visit here

We can't wait to drive results and participate in your success.
Marketing Audits

The key to marketing success is to assure constant evaluation and optimization, and yet with 'self reporting' by marketing teams it can be difficult to know- the actual state of things. So how confident are you in your marketing strategies? Do you wonder if you are over staffed or under allocated. Have you analyzed deeply the ROI on all tactics? Will improved process reduce frictions and challenges while increasing efficiencies? MM+CO takes a deep dive into all aspects, often sitting with the team for weeks on end. Producing a comprehensive audit and roadmap for improvements. If you aren't sure things are 'right' across in that area of your business- we can help.

Fractional CMO, EVP + SVP Placements

Marcy will bring her unique insights to your business, growth and marketing strategies.  Depending on your hire level she can play a key role in everything from product strategy and distribution, recruiting, investor development, public relations, advertising, sales, customer service and retention programs.  Also will craft strategy surrounding branding, planning and positioning, use of technology that effectively measures acquisition, development and client retention and always keeping an eye on financial viability to help maximize ROI marketing investment.

Culture Therapy

Conduct a thorough deep dive into company culture with 1:1 meetings, group workshops, documentation and data analysis. Once the culture is defined and pain points diagnosed, a holistic prescription is given. This large document is presented to executive team breaking down the pillars of existing culture and how it can be harnessed and improved to better serve your Employer Brand efforts.

Personal Brand Coach

 You have a successful career as maybe an attorney, an artist or entrepreneur. Or maybe you wrote a book or two. Maybe you are in the performing arts. You have been hustling hard and doing great things.And now you want to share what you have learned with others. Lot's of ways to do that... Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Business Education. But first-You need to build your BRAND. You need to define your PLATFORM. You need to figure out your WHY. You need a strategy to get BOOKED. You need to know how to handle MEDIA. And you need a partner to help you figure this all out.

Trainings + Workshops

MM+CO specializes in the design and delivery of customized in-company training. Working with a group of people from one organization on issues that really matter to them, using industry relevant examples and case studies, is generally the most effective way of learning. An in-house course can be delivered in different formats, from a more formal lecture style to very interactive and facilitated workshop sessions that address many of the actual issues and learning goals in a client organization.

Brand Strategy Workshops/ Playbooks

To help discover, determine and define a  cohesive overall strategy for your brand  by engaging with internal stakeholders to act as informants on objectives and desired focus audit. We then deliver a marketing strategy plan that will include roadmap for PR, Digital, Paid  Media, Social Media, Influencer, Thought Leadership, competitor review, industry trends and more in relation to the designated marketing budget.

Employer Brand Analysis and Strategy

MM+CO will take a truly a holistic and integrated look at your full employee brand. We will study, analyze and make improvement recommendations about all aspects of your external brand optics, company culture, internal communication approach and more. We will work WITH you and your teams to build a strong solution and strategy.

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